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Kitchen remodel

Quality Work

We hired Donahue Builders, Fall 2021, to completely renovate our kitchen, update our two bathrooms, and replace the flooring throughout the house. Jamie was always very quick to respond to our questions and is clearly passionate about his work. Quality work is of the utmost importance to him and his crew. If something wasn’t done to our (or his) satisfaction, he worked hard to fix it and/or find an acceptable solution.

Jamie is an amazing advocate for his clients. He worked closely with the vendors to ensure that they showed up as scheduled and that any supplies were received in a timely manner.

When delays occurred due to supply-chain issues, he kept us informed every step of the way. We were extremely impressed with the working crew as well. They were friendly, hard-working, and honest and took great pride in their work.


Living in the middle of a renovation project is not easy. Both my husband and I work full-time and we have two teenaged sons who were busy with school and sports. The crew went above and beyond and made sure to clean up the dust and trash that had accumulated throughout the day so when we got home, things were as normal for us as possible. They even built a full-scale mock-up of the kitchen island to help us envision it in the room and give us a work space in an otherwise completely gutted kitchen! 


We would happily work with Donahue Builders again and recommend them to anyone looking for quality work.


Jennifer and Dave Gentry

King outside.jpg

Expertise & Excellence

Vicki and I hired Donahue Builders, Spring 2021, to advise us about adding a sunroom on the back of our house.  We had met Jamie when he was working for another company that eventually went out of business.


Jamie has expertise, energy, people skills (he loves to work with people, advising them, asking them exact questions about what THEY want, etc.).  Jaime’s crew reflected HIS work ethic.  They were all polite, helpful, skillful and always respected our “space” as they came in and out of the house. 

Jamie set up how and where all materials and workers would deliver materials, would travel across our yard, would store materials and tools in our yard and would place the dumpster for convenience and cleanliness. Vicki and I were always informed, never surprised, and enjoyed getting to know all the workers and getting to see the project progress over time.

NO builder can estimate EXACTLY when a project will be finished.  Jaimie DID keep us informed at every step of the way.  He would report if materials were late in arriving. He always apologized and explained as much as he knew.  He ALWAYS explained the costs and asked our permission if some material choices were more costly.


We gladly recommend Jamie Donahue Builders to anyone who wants expertise, excellence, hard workers, and a finished project that will be second to none in town.


Drs. Vicki and Thomas King, Sussex Dr.

Added Value

"The renovations Jamie and his team made to my home added not only curb appeal but also significant value to my home. I would happily work with them again."

  Penny Dillon, Summer 2021


Lemon Outside Cedar 2.jpg
Excellent Craftsmanship

"I hired Donahue builders to build an addition on to my older home. I was so impressed with the craftsmanship of the crew doing the framing! This wasn’t a simple task seeing that the house we added on to was older and some shoddy construction. Jamie is very detail oriented and came up with great solutions to the problems we ran in to. He is so enthusiastic about his work, it is contagious! I will definitely use Donahue Builders in the future!”

 Tracey Siebenthal, Summer 2022


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